Petar Dundov & Gregor Tresher continue their long term collaboration with their new ‘Palantir’ EP

In the realm of techno, it\\\\\\\’s been a substantial hiatus since the dynamic duo of Petar Dundov and Gregor Tresher came up with a new original release. Throughout the past decade, these titans of electronic music have consistently delivered their sonic creations via esteemed labels such as Music Man, Cocoon, GTO, Break New Soil, Mood, and Sci+Tec, amongst others. But the long wait has now drawn to a close, and this time, they unleash quite a huge package that\\\\\\\’s bound to make waves!



Prepare yourself for four fresh and original productions, all under the banner of Petar Dundov\\\\\\\’s very own Neumatik Recordings. Once again, this release underlines the breathtaking diversity that the duo can conjure. The lead track, \\\\\\\”Palantir,\\\\\\\” is nothing short of an inferno on the dancefloor. Whether you find yourself in the depths of dimly lit warehouses pulsating with strobe lights, sweating it out at the heart of a packed club, or amidst a colossal stage at a big festival, the hypnotic vibes of this track steadily build, ensnaring you in its irresistible groove.


Then there\\\\\\\’s \\\\\\\”Der Kleine Morgen“: Words can scarcely do justice to the magic woven into this track; you\\\\\\\’ll find that the music speaks volumes on its own. \\\\\\\”The Way\\\\\\\” is a sonic masterpiece, a multi-layered composition that truly reveals its enchantment when played at the perfect place and time. Lastly, \\\\\\\”Rapids\\\\\\\” is a slow-burning, emotionally charged journey that conjures images of a sunrise over a sea of unified dancers.




A1: Palantir

A2: The Way

B1: Der Kleine Morgen

B2: Rapids